Flying Circus for TheO SmartBall

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Forme et santé Jeux Famille Sports
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Looking for a fun way to help your students with coordination and balance? The Flying Circus app for TheO SmartBall is the solution! Students challenge themselves to balance while going up and down on their toes, or bending at the knees. There are activities for balancing on one foot, bending over, knees up and even laying on the floor with legs extended. Students can use the practice mode to see how long they can balance the ball before it drops. Circus music cues them to start and lets them know how they are doing as they try to stay in a balanced pose.

A unique device and app for occupational therapy with children at all ages. Students can practice their skills or compete against another player or even the teacher! There are competition levels for up to 4 players.

Help children develop balance and coordination with this fun and engaging app. TheO SmartBall is a foam ball designed to safely protect and utilize your iPhone or iPod in any learning environment. This is the perfect instructional tool for special educators, Early Childhood Educators and Occupational Therapists at all grade levels. It combines technology with learning and physical activity - the perfect combination for child development.

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